Must-Know Tips & Tricks for Windows 10 Users (2022)

It’s been more than five years, and almost everyone has adapted to the last and the latest version of Windows. If you have recently updated your Windows or might have switched from Mac or Linux. Tips for Windows 10 will help you become more productive with some cool hacks.

Especially now that many are working from home, executing your tasks quickly and smoothly can result in a lot of peace. Even if you have been using Windows 10 for a while, there is no loss in mastering it to your needs.

Tricks & Tips for Windows 10 Users You Need To Know

Even if you have been using Windows 10 for a while, there is no loss in mastering it to your needs. So, here you go with some tips for windows 10.

1. Dark and Light Theme with Night-Light Feature

The dark mode is one of the Tips for windows 10 people prefer as it reduces eye strain and improves battery life. To change the mode, type in the search bar as Settings and then navigate to Personalization and the Colors. Under Choose your colors you will get three options Light, Dark, and Custom.

If you do not want to hamper your sleeping habits by staying up late using your laptop unnecessarily, make use of the Night-light theme. This night vision removes all the blue light from your screen, which does not allow you to remain awake late at night.

Step 1: To enable this feature, go to Settings > System > Display and turn on the Night light option.

Tips for windows 10

2. Action Center to Keep you Notified

Just like our phone notifies us when we receive any new text message, emails, etc. The PC will also show you further emails, updates, app notifications, quick actions, etc. in the Action Center.

Step 1: Click on the text bubble icon present at the right corner of the system tray. There you can check the notifications. You can even manage the messages from there.

Tips for windows 10

3. Use Multiple Desktops (Virtual Desktops) and AeroShake on Windows 10

When you have too many applications or tabs open on a single desktop, and it is difficult for you to switch between the screens, you can use the virtual desktops. This feature will allow you to keep your work and personal windows separate. The task view pane in Windows 10 will allow you to add the virtual desktops and let you manage the view.

Step 1:  Click on the Task View button in the Taskbar or press the Windows key + Tab.

Tips for windows 10

Step 2: Click on New Desktop. In case you have already a few tabs open, it will show you the “Add a desktop” button with a ‘+’ symbol.

Tips for windows 10

Step 3: To switch between the virtual desktops, you have to click on the Task View button and click on the virtual desktop that you want to view.

Step 4: To close the virtual desktops, click on them and then hit the ‘X’ button in the upper right corner. The keyboard shortcut for this is Windows Key + CTRL + F4 after selecting the desired desktop.

The Aero Shake feature was there in Windows 7,8, and it is still there in Windows 10. If your screen is cluttered with many apps and tabs and you want to focus only on one Tab, you can use Aero Shake instead of closing all charges individually. Just click on the desired window and shake it left and right with the cursor the rest of the tabs will get minimized automatically.

NOTE: The keyboard shortcuts for switching between the desktops are Windows Key + CTRL + Left Arrow and Windows Key + CTRL + Right Arrow.

4. A Better Way to Take Screenshots (Snip and Sketch)

There is a screenshot tool that is available in Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to Settings> Then click on Ease of Access> Keyboard and turn on the “Print Screen Shortcut“. After that, whenever you want to take a screenshot just hit the Print Screen button.

Tips for windows 10

NOTE: Another way to launch the tool is by pressing the Windows key + Shift + S.

5. Free Built-in Screen Recorder in Windows 10

Windows 10 has the feature of recording the screen without any external app. It records the video along with system and mic audio. This feature is known as “Game Capture”.

Step 1: Just hit Windows key + G and a recording menu will open up. There you can customize your preferences and click on the record button to start recording.

6. Automatically Lock your PC with Dynamic Lock.

If you forget to lock your PC every time you move away from it, you can use this feature. Whenever you walk away from the system, it will automatically close your system. To enable this feature, go to Settings> Accounts > Sign-in Options > Then turn on the Dynamic Lock button.

After this, you have to pair your smartphone to your Windows PC because this feature makes use of your phone’s Bluetooth to determine if you are near your laptop or not.

7. Improve Battery Life and Switch Off Background Apps in Windows 10

Whenever your battery is running low, you can use the battery saver and limit the power usage.

Step 1: Click on Start > Go to Settings > System > Battery saver.

Step 1: You can turn off the background apps to use system resources, waste bandwidth, and drain the battery. To do this go to Settings > Privacy > on the left scroll down and select Background Apps > toggle the switch off.

8. Use Windows 10 Hello for Better Security.

Windows 10 Hello is a biometric-based technology that allows users to authenticate secure access. This is an alternative to passwords and is considered more secure and user friendly. Windows Hello eliminates the need for passwords and other methods under which identities are more likely to be stolen.

Note: Your device should support a fingerprint scanner or camera to make use of this feature.To use this feature, go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options > Windows Hello. Then customize the setup of either face or fingerprint.

9. In-built PDF Converter and Taskbar Calendar Event

Windows 10 has an in-built PDF print driver that can convert anything you want to print into PDF format from a Windows app. Use the Print command and then in the Print dialogue box, select Microsoft Print to PDF. You can create a calendar event just from the Taskbar without having to open the calendar app.

Step 1: In the lower right on the taskbar select Date and Time > Pick the date and give a name > Select time> Enter location> Save. Create a shortcut to shutdown (Slide to Shutdown) and Voice Dictation

Step 2: To set this feature up on your desktop Right-click> New> Select Shortcut> In the next window enter this “%windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown.exe”> Next> Finish

Step 3: And voila, the shortcut will be created, and once you want to shut down, slide the whole screen down.

Step 4: In Windows 10, Voice dictation has improved a lot, and you can activate it in any text field just by clicking Windows key + H.

  • Then start speaking.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Windows 10 has been the most popular update and widely used. It is a blend of all the useful tips for windows 10, Windows 7, and 8 along with new features. Windows 10 provides you with a fast startup, digital assistant (Cortana), Notification Center, Virtual desktops and timelines, more security, etc.

Another highlight of Tips for windows 10 that is available for Windows builds after 1904 is the file recovery option. This option lets you recover files after deleting them and can help. But unlike Sfware Data Recovery Software which has a user-friendly GUI for data recovery, this option can only be used from the command prompt using commands.

This may be challenging for non-tech savvy users. Hence it is left to be discussed later. I hope that the Tips for windows 10 mentioned above will make your Windows 10 experience much smoother and help you manage things at work. If you like the article, share this information with your friends as well. If you have any questions regarding any feature, please comment below in the comment section. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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