Top SEO Reporting Apps for Marketers

To somehow measure the effectiveness of the all SEO methods you apply, the SEO report software may come in handy. That could either be a standalone SEO reporting tool or a range of SEO reporting solutions.

Anyway, the main purpose of such tools is to enable SEO automated reporting and analysis. This would help you to evaluate the results of the currently used marketing strategy and adjust it on the go for achieving better results in your website promotion and the overall online visibility of your brand.

What is an SEO Reporting Tool?

A typical SEO reporting service is an individual tool or a set of instruments that allow you to track the progress of your marketing campaign.

Such tools usually employ a set of characteristics for analyzing the website’s performance. Those could be the number of page visits, the number of backlinks, the overall bounce rate, and many others.

Using SEO reporting solutions for business helps you to define which SEO activities are successful and which are not.

For instance, if you have used the backlinks submitter for your link building, it is necessary to define whether gained backlinks remain active over time and what the overall backlink profile looks like. Here come SEO reporting tools that would help you to cope with that task efficiently.

Significance of SEO Automated Reporting for Marketing

SEO reporting software is particularly valuable for marketers and website owners. The utilization of tools that provide SEO automated reporting helps to estimate future budgets and adjust the current ones.

For instance, you have decided to invest a considerable amount of the marketing budget for Instagram advertisements. To define whether that investment is associated with the expected outcome, you should use an online SEO reporting tool.

It shows how many visitors have seen your ad, how many of them have clicked on it, and what further actions have they taken on your website.

In case there are not enough users that follow the advertisement based on the automated SEO reporting, you can think of any alternative methods for your marketing campaign.

That could either be simply the change of the ad message displayed or advertising on other social media platforms. Similar to the social media ads case, SEO reporting software plays a great role in decision-making for other marketing implementations.

Best SEO Report Software Tools

Each year the number of solutions for SEO reporting increases, so you can select from a range of free SEO report software options as well as paid ones. Below are provided SEO tools used for automated reporting and the overall SEO analysis of websites.

#1. Semrush

If you are looking for a complex solution for reviewing the performance of your business website, then feel free to go with Semrush. This is a comprehensive online platform that offers various services ranging from keyword research to website monetization opportunities.

The My Report tools of Semrush is where you can generate and schedule all your reports in the .pdf format. If you are a large marketing agency with many clients, this SEO reporting tool forms reports for each of the companies you work with. Such an option is available under the Agency Grow Kit subscription plan.

#2. SE Ranking

Another popular solution for SEO reporting is the software called SE Ranking. It is suitable for individual entrepreneurs, SMBs, large enterprises, and marketing agencies.

Whichever your business needs are and the selected payment plan for this software, you will always have access to the reporting tools. SE Ranking allows you to select the parameters you would like to observe in SEO reports.

It is possible to generate a report manually when needed or tune up the system for sending automated reports regularly to the selected email address.

#3. Mangools

This is an affordable SEO solution for keyword lookup, competitor keyword analysis, and backlink analysis. You can select the plan according to your business needs starting from the $30-rate billed monthly.

Mangools tools are incredible services for blog promotion as they help you to find the right keywords and provide keyword suggestions on the selected subject.

Moreover, you will be able to track the daily progress of your website ranking for the selected keywords on different search engines.

#4. Google Analytics

Being a free SEO reporting tool, Google Analytics is used by practically every webmaster. It allows business owners to perform a comprehensive audit of their websites.

Check to discover other important parameters you should pay attention to when performing an audit of your business website.

Google Analytics gathers data from users together with their behavior on your website. That way it provides reports stating which devices are mostly used for accessing your website, what countries the visitors come from, how much time they spend on the page, and other data.

#5. Dash This

This is a dedicated SEO reporting tool that serves marketers and agencies worldwide. It allows for generating an integrated marketing report from multiple sources.

Thus, you will no longer need to form separate reports on Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, or any other platform as all of them will be in one place.

The Dash this tool makes the reporting convenient and much faster, saving lots of your time and optimizing the report generation tasks.

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