Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt [Detailed Guide]

Most of us tend to throw out receipts every time after shopping, considering them useless. The problem arises when we realize that we need to get a return policy of Walmart for the same product.

Not everywhere you can get a return easily without the actual receipt of the purchase. However, Walmart again amuses its customers by offering a return of purchased items without receipts.

This can be helpful when the customers accidentally lose their receipts and need an urgent return of some product. Sometimes, they ask you to show your government-issued ID to get a return without receipt.

However, your ID must match the information saved in their database. You must update your ID’s information if it has changed and does not match the store’s database.

The cash refund is eligible for items under $25 only. Mostly, you may receive a gift card for the return. The standard return policy works for 90 days which means you must not delay your return for very long.

Under some special circumstances, the return policy can be valid for 15 days. Walmart’s return policy limits which items you can get a refund for without a receipt. Few items like computers and DVDs do need a receipt for sure.

However, after COVID-19, there is a restriction on the items you can return. They include food, paper goods, cleaning supplies, and apparel.

Detailed Guide on Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

Some products you can comfortably return include tablets, cameras, drones, smartwatches, electric scooters, etc. On the other hand, some products which are not eligible for return are ammunition, pepper spray, go-karts, dirt bikes, UTVs, ATVs, etc.

You can return only upto three times in 45 days, and your returns are properly tracked by Walmart. Though you may not get banned for going for more returns to the store, you will get turned down by the store, and the store manager may warn you.

How Do I Return An Item Without a Receipt At Walmart?

The following steps are to be followed to return an item without a receipt at Walmart:

Step 1: Visit Walmart and contact the returns desk to ask for the return of your item without a receipt. You can check if the “Returns without Receipt” self-checkout kiosk is available. If not, you can approach any employee for the same. You have to keep the purchase proof ready, your receipt, or your account’s balance. 

Step 2: You will be asked about some basic personal information at the “Returns without Receipt” kiosk. It may include details like name, residential address, phone number, email address, etc.

Step 3: Next, you have to just login into your Walmart account and click on the “Return Items” tab. If you don’t have the same, then you will be asked to create it for this purpose.

Step 4Now, you can then either scan or manually enter your receipt number. 

Step 5: Fill in the item details properly and enter the reason for your return, and your work is done.

You will be required with your expired credit card and ID to return an item without a receipt at Walmart. This process ensures the security and transparency of the transaction. If these documents are unavailable, you can make the payment via cash or debit cards.

The items you want to return must be secured with their original packaging. If you do not take care of its original packaging, then you will have to pay the restocking fee before the return. This fee is charged to compensate for the cost incurred in inspecting, cleaning, and reselling the item. 

What Type of Refund Do I Get for an Item without a Receipt at Walmart?

Chances are quite high that you won’t get a direct refund at Walmart for returning items without a proper receipt. For these kinds of returns, only cash refunds for items under $10 are provided by Walmart.

Those items above the said monetary limit are provided in-store credit as a Walmart gift card. 

Walmart Returns Without a Receipt

Walmart accepts returns for items without a receipt within 90 days of purchase under its standard return policy. You may take your item for return to the customer service counter and let the store associate know about your situation.

He will start the refund verification process. You must carefully bring all of the original packaging and associated accessories to get your return.

Can You Return Items to Walmart Without a Receipt?

Yes, you can make returns at Walmart without a receipt. Walmart accepts returns without a receipt for either an exchange or a cash refund. 

What Items are Eligible for Return With or Without a Receipt?

Product Name Eligible for Return Time Limit
Air mattress With receipt 90
Consumer electronics With receipt 30
Contact lenses With receipt 60
DVDs and Blu rays With receipt 90
Electric scooters With receipt 30
Hearing aids With receipt 60
Hoverboards With receipt 30
Outdoor play items With receipt 90
Oversized furniture With receipt 90
Prepaid cellular devices (as previously reported) With receipt 14
Prescription glasses With receipt 60
Product care plans With receipt 30
Trees, perennials, and shrubs With receipt 1 year

To get returns without receipts, Walmart only provides cash refunds for items under $10. Anything above that will have to accept store credit, a Walmart gift card. 

Final Sale Items

There are a few items that are not going to be accepted for return by Walmart under any circumstances. They are as follows: Dirt bikes, Tires, Firearms and ammunition, Adult toys, Undergarments, Prescription medication, Trading cards, RV sewer lines.

These items are pre-labeled carefully to ensure that you are fully aware that they will not get returned at any cost.

Defective Items

Many people out there would try to scan Walmart by bringing items for return that they never purchased. Under such cases, Walmart has proper policies to protect itself against such scams.

Walmart can change its return policy and will inform the customers about it in due time. A few of the reasons claiming that your return may be denied include excessive returns with no receipt, missing parts/accessories, items with no packaging, grossly damaged items you admitted to breaking, etc.

Denial of Return

You can even face an issue of denial of return where the store manager may deny your return without a receipt. Such a denial can be at the manager’s discretion as well. 

In such a scenario, you can visit another Walmart store to make another attempt and you may get success there.

How Many Times Can You Return Items to Walmart Without a Receipt?

Mostly, you can return only upto three times in 45 days. It would be best if you took proper care of the original packaging. Walmart properly tracks your returns.

Though you may not get banned for going for more returns to the store, you will get turned down by the store, and the store manager may warn you.

How Do I Return Items Bought Online?

Walmart sells online too and it has a wide customer base in that arena. When you bought something online and want to return it. Then, you can either bring it into the store or you can mail the same item back.

You can pick whatever you feel is comfortable for you. The condition is again the binding that you will only get a cash refund of goods under $10 for purchases made online. You may also be called upon to accept gift cards as well.

Eleggible’s Final Words

This article has attempted to cater to the problem which troubles the customers the most in their everyday lives.  Almost all of us encounter situations like these, when we accidentally purchase the wrong item, or the item turns out to be damaged, or we don’t find it a useful purchase after reaching home.

Many times we have the receipt and can easily get it refunded. Still, In case when we lose or damage the receipt for the item, we start to panic and get troubled with the thought of returning the unwanted item.

But here, in the case of Walmart, you won’t be troubled much because you can easily get a refund or exchange for your product, and that too, through return policy of Walmart without a receipt.

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