9 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives & Similair Sites

Wayback machine is a pleasant web site for net archiving, which tens of thousands and thousands of humans use each day. To create planner and compare their rivals, many corporations rely upon them. It permits us to look at a listed internet site’s records and the way it became created. We offer Wayback Machine Alternatives for you. 

There may be diverse uses of it, consisting of mastering the development of rivals, locating misplaced information, and viewing down-internet site content. It is critical to have got the right of entry to the Wayback Machine Alternatives all because it’s far regularly in use for vital scenarios. Sadly, nobody can assure that an internet site won’t ever be down. Therefore, you want to be ready for this.

If the Wayback machine is down, then you could search for different Internet Time Machine internet site. You might also add even need to get hold of something new with some distinct functionalities from the Wayback Machine Alternatives. In this article, we can evaluate the pinnacle 10 Wayback Machine Alternatives.

9 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives & Similar Sites

We will also undergo the pros, features, and pricing of every opportunity to determine the pleasant choice on your specific state of affairs and budget. Before we compare/evaluate the alternatives, we can do a harsh truth take a look at the associated with the Wayback Machine Alternatives.

1. Stillio

Stillio is best if you want to capture screenshots of websites. Stillio is also wise sufficient to trap internet site screenshots at common durations inclusive of hourly, monthly, weekly, daily, or every other language desired. Besides, It helps you manage your internet site compliance, brand, fashion tracking collectively with commercials validation and search engine marketing rankings.

In addition, there are numerous configurations, including screenshot width-height, custom cookies, placing server positions, etc. In addition, there is an option to start a 14 days trial, and then you can move to the paid version after testing the Wayback machine alternative.


  • Site archiving
  • Website compliance
  • Competition tracking
  • Search engine marketing tracking
  • Trend tracking
  • Content verification

Still is an outstanding choice if you’re searching out a web time system to control your site’s records without having to spend an excessive amount of time on it.


  • SnapShot: $99/month
  • Hot Shot: $79/month
  • Big Shot: $199/month
  • Top Shot: $299/month

With the SnapShot plan, you may arise to 5 net pages, email support, and one app to sync. You can get the identical functions with the Hot Shot plan; however, you could get entry to as much as twenty-5 pages. Big Shot plan lets you arise to 100 net pages and apps to sync. Finally, the Top Shot plan lets you get entry to any range of carriers and three apps to sync alongside different functions, including email support.

2. Archive.today

Archive.today is best for salvaging images off a domain. This is every other superb alternative, archive.today is possibly higher for almost all human beings than screenshots. It’s now no longer one of the maximum compelling or short of applying websites.

However, its database and indexing techniques make up for it. Archive.today will help you test for the records of the internet site and take an image of any on-call for the area this is stored for all people to see. This makes it a great desire for having all of the records approximately an internet site like records and graphical records.


  • Salvage snapshots off an area
  • Save the page’s text, in addition to a graphical copy
  • Track the site’s changes

If you’re seeking out a web time system to create an internet page’s copy, then archive. today is a great desire.


  • It is free, but it may take donations.

3. Domain Tools

Domain tools are best for web archiving. So many benefits that you can get, and one such service is you can take screenshots. It gives the best manner to get the right of entry to a website’s records. On the website, you could view any web website online screenshot records because you could discover how the layout of the web website online has developed over time.

You also can take a look at Whois statistics for figuring out the touch info of the web website online owner, the registration date of the domain, its IP records, and more. Overall, it could be a very useful device if used properly.


  • Get all of the statistics on a website.
  • Get right of entry to the website’s IP address, statistics, and web website hosting records.
  • Free screenshot-primarily based net archive service.

An amazing choice if you’re searching out an unfastened screenshot-primarily based net archiving website.


  • It costs $ninety-nine in line with the month or $995 in line with the year.

4. PageFreezer

PageFreezer is best for capturing online conversations. It is an opportunity to the Wayback device, which makes use of Google-like crawling technology. The screenshots taken are for the usage of a completely automatic operation.

There isn’t any want to download any software. PageFreezer’s principal functions consist of statistics export, stay browsing, net-web page comparison, virtual signature, and felony proof. It keeps information of your internet site with not anything omitted.


  • Validate your record’s integrity and authenticity by the usage of an internet app.
  • Get real-time get entry to dynamic net content.
  • Encapsulate company chat conversations.
  • Keep tune of a hobby for ability dangers.

It is an awesome alternative for taking pictures online conservations even as preserving the dangers for economic offerings and corporations.


  • It costs $ ninety-nine, consistent with the month

5. WebCite

WebCite is best for a clear screenshot of referenced cites by the author. It differs from the Wayback Machine with the aid of using presenting the type of designated snapshots of author-mentioned references asked with the assistance of using publishers, editors, and readers. The ‘primitive’ method to cataloging utilized by Google and Archive.org impacts their capacity to do so.


  • Glitzy design.
  • Capabilities that first-rate suits the desires of authors and editors.
  • Indexes a mentioned net page, its text, and any images and files associated with it.

An incredible choice for buying designated snapshots of author-mentioned references.


  • It costs nothing. It is completely free.

Wayback Machine Alternatives

6. PubNub

PubNub is best for accessing business-related information on a website very easily. It also offers you all of the information about an internet site applicable to the business. Besides, this internet site is user-pleasant, and features as a seek engine.

This also lets in growing and the use of instructions related to internet pages and internet services. In addition, after traveling to PubNub, you could right away get a concept of ways you could use it to discover facts approximately an internet site. Simply kind withinside the internet site’s URL on the house web page and press enter. Within no time, you’ll get the information you’re searching out from the internet site given.


  • Simple and clean to apply the tool.
  • Works like a seek engine.
  • Get all of the business-associated facts on an internet site inside some seconds.

It is a terrific preference if you’re searching out an easy and user-pleasant Wayback device opportunity to get short get admission to all of the business-associated facts on an internet site.


  • It costs nothing. It is completely free.

Wayback Machine Alternatives

7. iTools

iTools is best for getting information on a website. iTools isn’t only an internet site repository. However, it’s also an internet site analyzer that gives you specifics of the internet site like touch records, internet site traffic, Alexa rating, an internet site reputation, data, etc.

iTools is utilizing the well-known Alexa device to offer papers approximately an internet site to that degree. iTools is now no longer only an internet site repository. However, an Internet Toolbox wherein you may locate all of the not unusual place internet site analytics tools. The internet site format ought to perplex you while you land on an internet site’s domestic page. However, as quickly as you begin the use of iTools, you’ll start to love it.


  • Website archive
  • Website analyzer
  • Access’ database’ of Alexa via it.

iTools is a great desire if you are looking for an opportunity to a Wayback machine that gives information out of doors of the screenshots and their coding structure.


  • It costs nothing. It is completely free.

Wayback Machine Alternatives

8. Alexa

Alexa is best for accessing the history of a website, competitor information, and beyond the competitor. Besides, no creation is wanted right here as maximum humans understand this internet site. As part of Amazon.com, Alexa gives an internet site’s complete records and its surfing facts.

In particular, it facilitates to carry out aggressive evaluation via way of means of presenting facts on key-word studies and a site’s ranking. You could also locate information about preceding visits, wherein they’re visited regularly, and the time duration.


  • Get entry to a site’s records.
  • Access target market insights, engagement matrix, aggressive benchmarking, Alex rank, and visitors statistics.
  • Get insights past the competition.

It is an incredible desire to search out a Wayback system opportunity to get facts on an internet site to carry out the aggressive evaluation.


  • Advanced: $149/month
  • Agency: $299/month

The superior plan comes with a 14-day loose trial. However, it offers to get entry to the handsiest internet site and one user. On the alternative hand, the Agency plan comes with a 30-day loose trial duration and offers to gain access to thirty-5 web sites and twenty users.

Wayback Machine Alternatives

9. Time Travel

Time travel, as the name suggests it is best one of the best things to go back in time and see how the website looked during a period. You can choose your favorite website and your chosen time period. TimeTravel has constructed the use of the archive.

These days API, and might consequently be applied as an upgraded net archive product. It gives internet customers an easy-to-use design. It gives souvenirs of various net data. All the information is revised regularly. We can use any internet archive of our preference and show it on the archive.today


  • It searches the complete server set to search for internet pages.
  • It consists of a bar chart showing the additives that are examined and are missing.
  • This web website online exhibits the additives of the internet pages primarily based totally when you made the request.
  • It specializes in distinctive additives together with text, images, fashion sheets, and so on.
  • This self-data cloth on webservers.

It is also an excellent preference for looking and viewing a web website online’s model that existed withinside the past.


  • It costs nothing. It is completely free.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

All the Wayback Machine options indexed above have their truthful proportion of professionals and cons. Therefore, the excellent Internet Time Machine Website will rely on your particular needs. For example, Stillio is an outstanding alternative in case you’re trying to manipulate your site’s records without having to spend an excessive amount of time on it.

Archive.today is right in case you’re trying to create a webpage’s copy. Domain Tools is an outstanding alternative in case you’re seeking out a loose screenshot-primarily based totally net archiving service.PageFreezer is an outstanding choice to seize online conservations whilst preserving the music of dangers for monetary offerings and corporations.

WebCite is an outstanding choice to get designated snapshots of the author-mentioned references. PubNub is an outstanding desire in case you’re seeking out an easy and user-pleasant time device internet site to get brief get admission to all of the business-associated records on an internet site.

iTools is a tremendous desire in case you are attempting to find an opportunity that gives understanding outdoor of the screenshots and their coding structure. Alexa is an outstanding desire in case you’re trying to get records on an internet site to carry out an aggressive analysis. In conclusion, Time Travel machine is a great desire to view a site’s model that existed within the past.

Is Wayback Machine Shutting Down?

No, the Wayback machine is not shutting down.

Why Choose Wayback Machine Over Its Alternatives?

Wayback machine is among the best websites for internet archiving, which millions of people use every day. So you should use the way back machine over its alternatives.

Eleggible’s Final Words

To sum it up, the best Wayback machine alternatives are many, but your need is important. Because you may not need a Wayback machine to take snapshots of websites, but you need to find information from the internet. So these are the best Wayback machine alternatives.

We have tried to cover as many as we can. With each of these Wayback machine alternatives, their website, their features, and even the price is mentioned in this article. While some of the Wayback mentioned above machine alternatives are complete, some may cost a bit more. Again that depends on your needs and your company’s needs.

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