11+ Best Nintendo Wii U Roms for Cemu (2022)

Searching for where to get Wii U Roms or how to get Wii U Roms? Juggling between many websites and facing difficulty in finding which one is a good rom site.

Then here we are going to list down one of the best and safe rom downloading websites that are running and worth using.

There are more than 750+ Nintendo games available to download on Wii U that you can play.

Similarly there are ROMs available to run these games. Games like Mario, super Mario, Pokemon XD, breath of the wild etc requires Wii U Roms to run. To run these games on PC, Mac, Android & iOS you need to download Nintendo Wii U Roms.

But here question comes that is it legal to download Wii u Roms?

Genuine answer is – YES

It is illegal to download Nintendo Roms when it is copyrighted. But if you are downloading roms from a website that is not sharing copyrighted Roms then it is totally Legal to use and download.

There are many good rom sites like romulation, portal roms etc. We have listed down all the best websites from where you can easily download Wii U Roms without viruses.

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To download you just have to go on the website and search for the rom and download it.

But at first download CEMU in your PC.

So, what is CEMU?

Cemu is a medium through which you can play Nintendo games on your PC in 4K. For efficient working of the CEMU in the PC download an emulator like Dolphin and you are good to go. Dolphin is the best Wii u emulator for Android. You can go through with this guide to download CEMU in your PC.

11+ Best Place to Download Wii U Roms for Cemu in 2022

We have arranged these websites according to the popularity and the features they are providing.

All the websites are legal and free to use.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

#1 Ziperto

Ziperto is a retro gaming community, user-friendly and offers various platforms related to Nintendo 3D roms, DS, 64, Gameboy Advance, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, PSP, PS VITA, PS2 & many more.

As we can see from the above description, ziperto supports various platforms hence it is considered as an all rounder site for all the Nintendo Wii U Roms download.

ziperto wii u rom site
ziperto wii u rom site

If you are thinking of is ziperto safe? Ziperto is safe to use as long as the user is careful regarding the pop ups and fake download links. Citra is an open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator/debugger written in C++. Thus, you can download 3D ROMs for citra, new super mario bros wii rom and play citra games like Pokemon x.

This is one of the best cemu roms downloader for android and you can also download decrypted 3ds roms for Mac and PC.

#2 RomsMania

RomsMania is another best place for Wii roms which provides a massive collection of cemu games Wii U Roms for Cemu, emulators and bios. These Romania ROMs  are quite user friendly as it provides a search bar for finding the games which we used to love in our childhood. You can then play wii game on pc easily after downloading from it.


It uses a good quality sorting algorithm. Different categories of downloads are also provided so we can easily download Roms, emulators and games for android without any confusion about the file type. Roms Mania also provides a separate list of consoles according to their popularity.

#3 RomsForever

When it comes to romsforever download sites then Wii ISO comes on the first place. Nintendo Wii ISO website has a collection of the Wii games ROMs and Wii U isos for Cemu in ISO format. As we know, various gaming platforms use CD/DVDs to provide their games. The content of these games is stored in a file inside these CD/DVDs and that format is the .iso format.

As we get the files in iso format, the Wii ISO ROMs source is very convenient to use and most users prefer this iso format. It also contains files in the wii format but it is the raw dump of the disc and still needs to be decoded.


If we download the iso format file,we can directly burn them to DVD-r without making any changes. Wii ISO download website also has searching and sorting algorithms so it becomes easier for the users to find a particular game.

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#4 RomUlation

The RomUlation platform is well known for the Nintendo Wii U ROMs downloads and offers the Saga ,Sony and Nintendo games. It has a collection of 27,779 console game ROMs that has been extensively tested for emulator compatibility and safety of the gamers.

This platform is the most user friendly platform as the User Interface is simple and contains various sorting techniques which helps the users to find their cemu games. RomUlation is safe and uses a point system to prevent download abuse.

romulation wii u roms for cemu

This is done because few users might perform some illegal activities which can lead to high traffic situations on the website and create a poor experience for other users as they might not be able to download their games on the right time due to traffic.

#5 Portalroms

Visit Portalroms if you are searching for a quick site to introduce Wii U ROMs for the equivalent, you ought to go to Portal Roms.

Portal Roms appears to be responsive, and all the more critically, you can without much of a stretch download the ROMs from the webpage. 

portalroms nintendo wii u roms

You can download safe pokemon roms easily from portalroms.

According to the users who are constantly using this website are saying that portalroms is a safe Roms download sites.

#6 Emu Paradise

Emuparadise is a great platform for best wii u downloadable games over 100,000 games and Wii U Roms are available for free. This platform contains emu library roms, iso and emulator games for the gamers. This platform provides tons of perks for the users.

Emulator paradise provides a download speed which is 3 times more than the other websites. These are freeroms and it also provides downloading games from different servers and also whether the user wants to use HTTP or FTP.

emuparadise get wii u roms

FTP is efficient in transferring large data files which is more convenient for the users. And moreover emuparadise provides us more facilities such as video game magazines, video game music, etc.

#7 Nitro Blog

Nitro Blog is another platform where users can find free to play Wii u games. You can get various Wii games and Wii U Roms for Cemu on this platform. One of the best emulators is available on this platform. The user interface is very simple to use i.e user friendly.

Many sorting options are available for easy searching of the games. The additional facility provided by this website is that it provides the whole guideline about how to play the game, the specifications of the pc on which the game would run smoothly and the free download link.

Another significant feature of this site is that the user can become a member by logging in to the website. This helps in storing the data of the user in the database and then recommends games according to the data stored and search history.

#8 Roms Download

As the name of the website suggests, we get thousands of games on this platform in the rom format. With the help of this platform, we can thoroughly enjoy the retro games we used to play in our childhood. This is the best website to download Wii U Roms for dolphin and many cemu games like mario kart wii iso rom and many more.

The emulator required for running the cemu roms is also available on this platform. Emulator information is also provided on this platform so that we could download the compatible emulator on our device.

roms download
roms download

The Romsdownload platform is among the best sites to download Wii U ROMs for Cemu and Wii sports rom.

#9 DarkUmbra

DarkUmbra is the spot for all your custom gaming needs. A very geeky mix of a PC illustrations term there! That is to say, their slogan over at their site peruses “Your hotspot for custom gaming marvelousness!”. 

They have a discussion, a leaderboard to see who is the most active uploader and stuff over yonder.

You can simply scan for virtually any game you need in the hunt box, and can nearly ensure that you will get moment results. It is is one of the easiest way to download Wii U virtual console Roms. 

Wii U Roms

There have not been any cases where an individual gamer who is searching for some numbskull ISOs for their Cemu emulator has returned with hardly a penny.

You can discover all the real titles here and can without much of a stretch download them, yet you have to enrol yourself as a part. 

One can peruse the substance and see insights concerning the games and the ROMs as a visitor.

However, the download joins, and different points of interest will stow away yet self-evident. You can utilise your current Facebook or Twitter records to join simply like some other site nowadays, so no perspiration there. 

Under the “more” alternative, there even is by all accounts a given catch. With the goal that you can bolster your preferred part over at DarkUmbra. It indicates blunder messages when individuals get to it; however, on the other hand, I am not an enlisted part. 

That could be the motivation behind why I got the blunder message that read “couldn’t find the thing you are attempting to see.”

However, by and large, I am burrowing what they have going on at DarkUmbra. Worth investigating, on the off chance that you are after some incredible Wii U ROMs, i.e., ISOs. If you want to download games on Wii U. You can also do it easily.

#10 Roms Universe

Roms universe is another platform for accessing retro games. This platform contains thousands of roms and the top rated emulators required for running the roms. This platform provides the search bar for searching our favourite games.

Games are also sorted according to the gaming platform. ROMs Universe contains 109 ROM systems and 63 emulators. Speciality of this platform is that we get to play the retro games in high resolution quality.

romsuniverse wii u virtual console roms

The platform is safe to use and all the wii games and emulators are working correctly.

#11 Chaos Games

Chaosgames is another impossible discussion and has been dynamic. Since 2004 that is otherwise called an official site to give gamers.

The definite customisation to playing with best genuine Wii U Roms download. All you need is to make a record on it and pursue the procedure. This site server works extremely quick, and you can get to a game you need. 

There is a wide range of sorts of games you don’t think about however would genuinely appreciate.

chaos games download wii u roms
chaos games

The article contains tips for those keen on computer games. There are a few games that are wrong for youngsters, so don’t think each game is useful for the family.

Seek shelter before reloading weapons in a reload of your weapon during gameplay. Everyone must attempt this game Bike Race 2 on the web.

It’s much simpler to get pwned because they neglected to take satisfactory spread before reloading.

You don’t need this to be you! Extend your body like clockwork during computer gameplay.

You will find in general stall out doing the dull movements that are fundamental when playing computer games.

Your muscles should be extended to abstain from cramping and development of blood clusters. This is beneficial for you.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So, these were the best place for Wii U Roms. You can download each and every 783 Nintendo games Roms from these websites for free.

Just download a good emulator like Dolphin and search for the Rom and start playing. Don’t forget to download and install CEMU to get the 4K experience.

We recommend you to go with Roms Download as this website has almost every games Wii u Roms available with just one click.

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